We produce lighting products for all stores where quality light is required, especially jewelry stores, watch stores and glasses stores.

With our experienced and expert staff; conducts feasibility studies to identify the most suitable products for your stores and to place them in the project; if you wish we can design products for your needs.

We closely follow technological and aesthetic developments with R & D and innovation studies in the production, engineering and product management of our products.

We ensure the best quality of your products by observing the light parameters, color temperature, light intensity, correct optics, energy saving and aesthetic elements appropriate to the display and project content.

With our professional lighting solutions we give importance to the eye comfort and health of store employees while serving your products in the most natural and radiant form.

We offer technological solutions that allow you to control the color and speed of your lamps at any time and from anywhere via a compatible tablet, smartphone or computer.

Attentive and timely delivery is our top priority ...

We continue to go along with our beloved customers with the motto ’OUR DIFFERENCE IS OUR SERVICE’.

Wrong Lamp Cannot Light Right!

Lighting does not consist of light. Good lighting; ensure efficiency, energy saving and eye comfort; should be suitable for the space and needs of project.

Sorel LED

As SOREL LED, we know the importance of the most accurate illumination of your products in sales and marketing. For this reason, we pay attention to the lumen and CRI (Color Rendering Index) efficiency of the led chips we use to manufacture our products

We also use micro prismatic special production lenses and reflectors that minimize glare, provide a balanced glow distribution, visual acuity and contrast sensitivity.

We use flicker-free led drivers to prevent complaints such as headache and eye dryness caused by vibrations and fluctuations that we cannot see but which we can hardly notice in photography and video shooting.